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1. Model: KS-S18   


2. Sports Bike inspired design


3. Variable Linkage dampening air suspension system using 200-57 suspension


4. Padding designed in cooperation with Kujirolls


5. User Experience focused ergonomic design to connect wheel with rider


6. 12 MOS design connected to aluminum body frame for fast heat dissipation without the need of fan


7. Headlights are 2 times stronger to the 16X with 2*5w (high beam) and 2*4w  (short beam) with automatic sensor to switch between modes


8. Ergonomic handle designed for pushing and lifting which can be hidden inside body frame when not in use


9. First ever high performance wheel with limited wiring with all key components housed on PCB


10. Rear light dislaying battery level, braking and turning signals all within one singular unit

Kingsong KS-S18

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