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Max. speedIt can be decoded and adjusted to70KM/h, after riding for 10KM.The idling speed is 105KM/h (Factory alarm settings: 18km/h first level alarm, 19km/h second level alarm, 20km/h third level alarm and tilt back).
Mileagearound 200km ( Condition: load:60KG,temperature:25-30℃,no wind,20km/h,flat road) 
Max. GradeabilityAround 40°( 84%)( Condition: load:60KG,temperature:25-30℃)
Battery informationCell:LG50LT, 120 pcs
Rated Voltage: DC 111V
Top Charing Voltage: DC 126V
Rated Capacity:2220Wh
Battery Protection board: Equipped with intelligent BMS battery management system, such as balance, overcharge, overcurrent, short-circuit protection, and abnormal analysis.
Max. loading120Kg
Charing voltageInput:AC 100-240 V ,Output:DC 126V、5A
Charing timeAround 4-5h 
Rated output power4000W
Max. output power8500W
Dimension & Weight 
Dimension 582mm(L)* 330mm(W)*747mm(H)
SuspensionDNM RCP 2S,750lb,Spring shock absorber, mounting hole distance 240±2mm, stroke 110mm
Suspension travelFrame damping stroke 130mm, spring stroke 75mm
Pedal Altitude (from ground)238-128(mm),Standard Angle of 6°
Tire Size2.75-14, 20inch
Net weightAround 35KG
EUC PortDual 16-6 charging port; Power switch; Light sensor
TailightIntegrated turn lights and taillight lights.
Protective Measures
Lift sensor switchThe Hall switch detects the user's maneuvering more sensitively and accurately
Roll protectionThe Angle of protection is 45 degrees (if it exceeds 45 degrees, the motor will stop running). After righting, the power will be restored without restarting.
Speed limit protectionOverspeed buzzer alarm or speech broadcast + pedal tilt back
Low power protectionWhen the remaining power is about 30%, the speed limit protection will be started and linearly decrease according to the alarm setting value. When the remaining power is 5%, the buzzer will give an alarm. When the power is 0%, the front end of the pedal will start to lift and gradually slow down until it stops.
High temperature protectionThe euc will tilt back when the motherboard at 80℃ ,and also titl back when the motor is at 120 ℃
Motherboard waterproof protectionThe U-shaped slot and silicone sealing ring are connected between the main board seat and the upper cover plate, which greatly enhances the waterproof performance and provides a safe waterproof guarantee for the main board seat
Anti-slip protectionThe pedals are evenly arranged with raised small columns in accordance with the stress position of the sole of the feet, which is more effective than the traditional abrasive paper to protect and prevent slip, and greatly improves the safety performance and riding experience.
Upside down stop deviceAccording to the design of the euc, the foot support device is added, which can open and close freely, convenient operation, and no longer worry about falling when parking.
Left and right leg guard protectionThe pads adopts ergonomic design and soft foam self - crust forming, moderate hardness, increase the acceleration and deceleration experience, better protect the body.
Power on/offShort press the power button to turn on EUC. Long press the power button, to drop a sound and power off EUC.
Battery levelThe LED dot matrix display displays the power when the device is powered on and no riding
Speed displayLED dot matrix display speed in riding mode
Hardware Configuration
MotherboardThe whole board adopts 4-layer board architecture design, which makes the whole euc more stable. The 12pcs TO-247 large package MOS provides a strong guarantee for 4000W motor. The MOS tube is directly attached TO the magnesium alloy main board seat, and 16 heat dissipation channels are added at the bottom of the magnesium alloy main board seat, which can dissipate heat quickly and provide a strong guarantee for fast and stable operation.
Bluetooth5.0 Bluetooth module, more compatible and more stable data transmission.
HeadlightsA group of left and right, a total of 5W*8 illumination lights, automatically adjust the brightness according to the speed (twice the S18), the two lights can be adjusted separately to provide good lighting at night
TailightIntegrated turn lights and taillight lights.
DisplayPower, speed, and other information as one dot matrix display
Temperature control systemMotherboard, motor temperature real-time monitoring, to provide good security for users riding
HandleThe new front and rear double handle design makes the lifting more convenient, stable and reliable
TrolleyIndependent pull rod design for more portable use 
MotorThe high power 4000W hollow shaft motor provides a strong sense of acceleration for riders
BatteryLG21700 5000mA battery cell, vehicle distribution design of two independent batteries, battery protection board using a new BMS battery management system, real-time monitoring of cell safety, aluminum body and battery box integrated design, more reasonable design, safer use.
Suspension systemThe unique X-link damping structure uses the unique lever structure of racing grade to achieve strong support and soft linear damping experience
Seat cushionAdds a comfortable seat cushion for skilled and long-distance riders, ergonomically designed to ease the pain of standing up
PadThe vehicle adopts an adjustable design, and the position is customized according to the individual's riding requirements
Standard parts1* charger, 1* manual, 1*seat cushion ,1*Certificate of qualification

KS-S22 Pro Eagle

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