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Kingsong has brought a sleek new design to meet all of our customers' needs. This unicycle is equipped with a battery of 420Wh allowing to cover up to 40Km and a power of motor of 800W as well as 2700W in peak.

Kingsong KS 14D

Color: Black
  • Model KS-14D
    Max. speed Full speed unlocked after 2km. Max speed of 30km/h (Factory alarm settings: 18km/h first level alarm, 19km/h second level alarm,  20km/h third level alarm and warp plate).
    Mileage Around 30-40km 
    Max. Gradeability Around 30°
    Battery 420Wh
    Temperature  -10℃/+60℃
    Max. load 120kg
    Charing voltage Input:AC 100-240 V ,Output:DC 67.2V、2A
    Charing time Around 3.5h
    Rated output  power 800W
    Max. output  power 2400W


     Dimension   437mm(L)* 206.5mm(W)* 476mm(H)
    Package 540mm(L)*240mm(W)*585mm(H)
    Pedal Altitude (from ground) 125mm
    Tire Size 14*2.125
    Net weight Around 14.5kg
    EUC Port charging port; power switch; light sensor port; USB; fuse port
    Display Led shows battery level when EUC on at rest.


    Power on/off Short press the power button to turn on EUC. Long press the power button, to drop a sound and power off EUC.
    Battery level When the power is turned on and there is no riding, the RGB light shows the power
    Audible reminder When the EUC falls down, the buzzer will give an alarm for 5 seconds, and the voice prompt function: Your device is in low battery, please charge it; Pls decelerate; Bluetooth is connected; Blutooth is disconnected; Danger! Be caution, over voltage; please pay attention! Excessive temperature; danger! Be caution, over power; BI.


    Special feature 1. Built-in slanting rod, more portable; 2. LED atmosphere ring light, cool riding; 3. Front and rear induction lighting and braking system escorts you when driving at night; 4. Built-in cooling fan, strong climbing durability; 5. It can be equipped with a battery pack of up to 420Wh for long-lasting battery life. 6. Mobile APP, control the car information at any time. 7. 800W high-speed motor ensures riding safety. 8. The EUC is self-righting and self-restoring, making the operation easier. 9. Bluetooth audio, four stereo speakers, louder and better sound quality. 10. Symphony lights are brightly displayed.
    Standard parts 1* charger, 1* manual, 1*Certificate of qualification


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